plane window
This representative image shows an airplane window. Leon Neal/Getty Images

If you are a concerned flier, it’s high time you do yourself a favor and check if everything in your cabin is alright. A passenger in a low cost airline shot a video on his phone which showed a window of a plane cabin totally off its frame. The clip was shot over Chile on Nov. 20.

The unnamed passenger, who filmed the loose window frame, uploaded it on to the internet with the title "Should I be concerned?" The footage shows that he was able to pull the frame right out.

A YouTube user, Codeack Volition, suggested calling the cops on landing after watching the video. "That’s a crash waiting to happen. If that window even slightly becomes open, the cabin will lose pressure, everyone will die," the user commented.

However, Patrick Smith, an airline pilot and host of said that there was nothing to worry about because the loose end showed in the video isn’t actually the window, the Daily Mail reported.

"It’s just a superficial liner that helps protect the actual window," Smith said. He admitted that it looked embarrassing and unprofessional, but denied it posed any risk.

Chief Executive of the U.K. Flight Safety Committee, Dai Whittingham, also agreed with Smith. "This is definitely not a safety concern, it is simply a piece of loose cabin trim. The internal window is there to protect the main glass from scratches and it cuts down some of the internal noise as well as providing an element of thermal insulation," Whittingham said.

"The external window is fixed to the hull and sealed with a gasket so that the interior of the aircraft can be pressurized, so this loose trim will have had no effect at all apart from not looking particularly neat and tidy," he added.