Manny Pacquiao
Manny Pacquiao is unlikely to fight Floyd Mayweather in 2014. Reuters

After both Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao won bouts towards the end of 2013, there has been speculation the two could get in the ring together in the New Year. The boxers, though, have recently refuted reports that they might face off in 2014.

“I have no plan to go to the U.S. to talk to Floyd. That’s not true,” Pacquiao told

There had been rumors that the two could fight in September. Mayweather is scheduled for one fight in May, followed by another in September, though his opponents are unknown. However, both say a fight is not on the horizon.

“All the stories you hear about Pacquiao is a lie. It’s a lie. It’s not true,” Mayweather said, according to “If it didn’t come from Leonard’s [Ellerbe] mouth, my mouth, or Al’s [Haymon] mouth, it’s not true.”

It was thought that both sides would come to terms for a mega-fight in 2009. However, issues over blood testing and a split of the purse kept Mayweather and Pacquiao out of the same ring. Pacquiao was once considered Maywweather’s top competition, but two losses in 2012 gave the undefeated boxer another reason to not fight Pac-Man. Even though Pacquiao defeated Brandon Rios handily in November, Mayweather continues to criticize him for losses to Timothy Bradley and Juan Manuel Marquez.

“I have been saying this over and over again, I am not afraid to fight anybody, but if somebody doesn’t want to fight me, same here,” Pacquiao told “I, too, won’t face him who doesn’t want to face me. Floyd himself has been telling the whole world, he doesn’t want to fight me. The feeling is mutual. But if he finally decides that he wants to face me, I’m okay with it.”

Pacquiao, however, did leave open the possibility that he and Mayweather could enter negotiations in 2015. Mayweather has stated that he will never do business with Top Rank promoter Bob Arum, which may currently be the biggest reason why a fight between the two won’t happen. Pacquiao, though, will no longer be obligated to fight under Top Rank after this year.

“Floyd has also been saying, he will only fight me if I separate from Top Rank and Bob Arum,” Pacquiao added. “That’s impossible because my contract is valid until the end of this year,” Pacquiao told the website. “If my contract is not renewed, we can only talk about a possible fight next year.”

Mayweather is expected to face Amir Khan in his next fight. WBO welterweight champion Timothy Bradley and WBO light welterweight champ Ruslan Provodnikov are on the short list of possible opponents for Pac-Man.