• Sidelined star Asuka is set to make her return against Becky Lynch, a report says
  • Asuka was last seen in a WWE ring at Money in the Bank 2021
  • The potential angle could revolve around both of them being mothers

WWE fans have been eagerly waiting for the return of former WWE women’s champion Asuka, and a timetable has finally come to light.

Asuka is scheduled to make her return on the Monday episode of Raw, Fightful Select reported, citing unnamed sources. International Business Times could not independently verify this information.

“There are imminent plans for Asuka to return to WWE Raw, as of this weekend. We’ve learned that as of this weekend, the plan was for her to enter at least a short-term program with Becky Lynch as soon as Monday’s Raw, though as is always the case, nothing for WWE TV (or pro wrestling TV) until it actually happens,” Fightful said.

The pro wrestling community last saw Asuka at the 2021 Money in the Bank pay-per-view in July last year. She competed in the women’s match but failed in her bid to win the briefcase.

She then disappeared for a couple of months due to a shoulder injury. She was recently rumored to be making her return ahead of the two-night WrestleMania 38 event, but she shut that down quickly.

Having the second-ever Women's Grand Slam champion feud with the former Raw Women’s champion in Lynch is the perfect way to relaunch her WWE run as they both could use the breath of fresh air.

Lynch and Asuka shared a moment back in May 2020 when the former announced that she was pregnant and gave up the championship to the latter.

The WWE could revisit this angle to kick off the feud, with Lynch cutting a promo on how becoming a mother changed her and helped her become someone who is willing to fight anybody and everybody, then issuing an open challenge to the locker room.

Asuka’s theme would then blare on the speakers to the roar of the crowd, and an eventual stare down ensues in the middle of the ring.

Though the WWE shies away from mentioning Asuka being a mother, Charlotte Flair broke kayfabe for just a bit in a backstage segment and revealed, in passing, that the Japanese superstar does have a child of her own.

The logical way this feud could turn out is Asuka being a heel and cutting promos on Lynch about how she knows nothing about being a mother as she has done it for an undisclosed amount of time up to this point.

It is an explosive angle waiting to happen since Lynch and Asuka are two of the promotion’s top stars, but having the latter back on TV is going to be a major win in most fans’ eyes if it does come to fruition.

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The pro wrestling world eagerly awaits the return of Asuka to the ring. WWE