Derrick Williams leads Arizona tonight
Arizona star Derrick Williams faces Texas tonight. Reuters

Two teams with the exact same season records (28-7) meet in Tulsa, Oklahoma, when Arizona faces Texas in a battle to make the Sweet 16.

Both teams are led by stars from the same area of Los Angeles County.

Texas's Jordan Hamilton and Arizona's Derrick Williams have known each other from La Mirada, California, from when they were in ninth grade, and today they're the leading scorers for their respective teams, and potential lottery picks in the upcoming NBA Draft.

Hamilton is averaging 18.7 points per game on the season, and 7.7 rebounds. The small forward is joined by another potential lottery pick, power forward Tristan Thompson, who is averaging 13.4 points per game, and 7.9 rebounds per game.

Williams, who is considered by some as the most talented player in the nation, is averaging 19.2 points per game, and 8.2 rebounds.

Playing along side with Williams, the Wildcats have balanced scoring, with six players averaging more than six points per game.

Both teams played Kansas, Oklahoma, and USC. The Longhorns beat Kansas once, and lost once. They beat Oklahoma twice, and lost to USC. The Wildcats lost to Kansas, beat Oklahoma, and finished with two wins and one loss to USC.

The winner of this game plays Duke, who beat Michigan in a close match.