Miami Marlins
A Marlins fan abandoned his son's toy wagon in order to chase after a ground rule double, causing the youngster to plummet down a steep hill. Reuters

A Miami Marlins fan’s pursuit of a baseball will likely remove him from consideration for this year’s father of the year award.

The incident occurred during the Marlins’ Spring Training matchup with the New York Mets on Monday, Deadspin reports. During the action, Mets outfielder Chris Young hit a deep fly ball that hopped over the center field fence for a ground rule double.

The ground rule double sparked a frenzied chase among Marlins fans, one of whom was watching the game with his family in the grassy area beyond the fence. The man, dubbed “Marlins Dad” by Deadspin, ran after the unexpected souvenir, unaware of the fact that his son, who was sitting in a toy wagon, had begun to roll down a steep hill.

Marlins Dad failed to snag the ground rule double ball, then turned around and did his best to catch his son’s runaway wagon. The man wasn’t able to prevent his son from colliding with the fence, but the youngster appeared to escape the situation without any type of injury.

Still, we doubt that a free MLB baseball would have saved Marlins dad from his wife’s wrath at family dinner that night.