New York Major Michael Bloomberg announced Tuesday platform for the next mayoral elections saying that American visa holders and American immigrants have made the Big Apple the city that it is and deserve to be recognized.

Immigrants are why New York City became America's economic engine. In these tough times our city needs more immigrants, not fewer, Bloomberg said to a group of ethnic media at CUNY Graduate Center.

Bloomberg said he wants more immigrants to come to New York City and build their lives here. Bloomberg also reiterated his call for federal immigration reform.

The next time you walk or drive over the Brooklyn Bridge, remember that it was designed by an immigrant engineer. The next time you ride the subway, or pass the Empire State Building or the Rockefeller Center, remember they were all built by immigrant hands, he added.

Bloomberg hopes to win votes in his campaign for re-election from within the New York immigrant communities, although certainly over the last eight years he has been a strong supporter for American immigrants.

In his bid for re-election Bloomberg outlined four priorities that he would implement in the next four years. In his plan, he said he will maximize economic contributions of immigrants, help immigrant children achieve, integrate immigrants into neighborhoods and civic life, and protect immigrants from exploitation.

Economically, culturally and socially, we need more immigrants, not less, said Bloomberg.

American visa holders and immigrants have always been and will always be welcome here and the reason is simple: what's good for the city's immigrants is good for the city, he added.