You've seen Awkward Family Photos, where users spread the awkwardness and upload pictures from around Web of families posing together awkwardly.

But have you seen the awkward Christmas photo of San Juan, Puerto Rico mayor Jorge Santini and his family?

The photo from the Santini family is certainly not the average holiday family photo with smiling faces, filled stockings and Santa hats.

Santini and his family were photographed behind a stuffed and hungry jaguar and antelope intertwined during an attack.

But that's not all.

The family also posed with a grizzly bear and flying bird and a winter scene with a penguin ready to attack the family with a caption, which reads, That you may illuminate your dream this Christmas in Spanish.

Since the photo landed on Awkward Family Photo, the Santini family 2011 Christmas card has gone viral, with thousands of shares on social media Web sites and the center of attention on news broadcasts.

While some took the photo as an opportunity for a chuckle, Santini said the photo is part of a promotion campaign for the San Juan Wildlife Museum.

What's the explanation for the jaguar eating the antelope then, Mayor Santini?