The importance of a good breakfast is always underscored in studies and health tips. We are told, a good breakfast ensures an energetic day.  Among the many virtues, a good breakfast also controls the craving for junk food and avoids gaining undue calories that lead to weight gain.

Ironically, many restaurant chains are also discovering that breakfast business is the key to their financial health. Case in point is McDonald’s newly announced breakfast food items.

Yes, we are talking about McDonald’s upcoming donut sticks for breakfast. Come Feb 20, it will offer nationwide, acks of fried dough rods with cinnamon and sugar to enrich your morning meal. If coffee is also taken, the breakfast turns really wholesome.

But keep in mind that Donut sticks are offered only during breakfast hours although rest of the breakfast menu will be available throughout the day.

The trial of Donut sticks was done at many Illinois restaurants in early 2018.

McDonald’s new focus on breakfast business

Through the innovative menu, McDonald’s is aiming to recapture its erstwhile glory in breakfast business, for which it has been a leader since 1971 until it lost space to competitors in recent years.

McDonald's breakfast business had been facing challenges from Taco Bell and others. The former with its special menu and Dunkin's breakfast sandwiches could dent the leader's market share.

McDonald's CEO, Steve Easterbrook noted in January that the company is working to regain the breakfast traffic.

“We really want the customer counts back and more often,” said Easterbrook.

Adding new breakfast food is part of that plan. The Triple Breakfast Stacks sandwich launched in late November gave a boost to sales growth in the last quarter. Similarly, in the Canada market, Bagels and freshly cracked eggs for breakfast was a big success.

Taco Bell entered the breakfast segment in 2014 and Dunkin's thrust on sandwiches paid off.

In the last quarter, Taco Bell clocked 9 percent sales growth for which the company credited the breakfast menu for a rightful share.

Waffle House reservation for Valentine’s  Day

Meanwhile, Waffle House is accepting bookings to help people celebrate Valentine’s Day in style at 200 locations in 21 states. GettyImages-Mc Donad's Food The McDonald's logo is displayed on the packaging of a hash brown at a McDonald's restaurant on January 30, 2018 in San Francisco, California. McDonald's just announced roll out of Donut sticks for breakfast from Feb 20 to strengthen the segment as a growth engine. Photo: Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Waffle House's is participating in the romantic festivities for the 12th consecutive year.

To make the day special for the romantic visitor, Waffle House's will offer a special menu and ambiance-raising special arrangements as delights. The feel of dining at tables decked with white tablecloths and dim lights will be made out of the world.

“Valentine's Day is about spending time with the one you love at a place you love,” said Jessica Kinskey, Waffle House spokesperson.   It may be recalled that Waffle House offers reservation only for the Valentine Day's night festivities.