A McDonald's customer was shocked to find maggots crawling inside a ketchup dispenser in the restaurant in Cambridge, England. Bella Ritchie recorded the video as she tried to squeeze the ketchup out.

The stomach-churning video of the "live maggots" was shared on Ritchie's Twitter page Thursday. 

 "Never going near the ketchup in McDonald's again," Ritchie wrote. "I told one member of staff and she literally just ignored me and carried on serving customers... We had to literally stop someone from eating it because they didn’t realise. It's so grim."

In response to the incident, a representative for McDonald’s told the Sun: "We’re extremely sorry to see this, and have tried to get in contact with the customer directly... Our condiment area and dispensers should be checked for cleanliness every day and we are looking into what happened here." 

Last year in Australia, a woman was horrified after she discovered live maggots in the burger. She recorded the incident and shared the video on Facebook. In the video, Batur zooms in on the corners of her quarter pounder box, where there appeared to be a few small insects squirming around.

"I just sat down to enjoy a double quarter pounder… when I saw all the lovely maggots enjoying it too," she wrote on the post. "How dare they serve this to unsuspecting customers. Michael unfortunately finished his before I seen (sic) it and is violently vomiting."

However, McDonald’s Australia said its restaurant was not responsible for the maggots.

"Our food is cooked at incredibly high temperatures. We encourage the customer to get in contact with us so we can discuss further," a representative for McDonald's reportedly said. 

In another incident in November, a woman from Carlton, Australia, feared she ingested maggots after finding eggs inside her McDonald's burger. Candice Jones had taken bites of the Aberdeen Angus burger before discovering the eggs strewn within the meat patty.

"I put my burger down for a breather, as this was a massive burger. I then go to pick up my burger to take another scrumptious bite, [and was] greeted by maggot eggs," she wrote. They were "inside my burger patty, which I have just ingested half of! Now I know there has been a lot of hype around maggots being the new super food, but I really don't appreciate it being inside my burger without my consent."

McDonald's A McDonald's customer is seen through the window at a McDonald's restaurant in San Francisco, Feb. 9, 2009. Photo: Getty Images/ Justin Sullivan