It is believed that Mike Moore the first person in the world with a fully reconstructed penis to conceive a child. Reuters

Mike Moore is celebrating the birth of his son, a joyous moment he and his wife weren’t sure they’d ever celebrate.

At the age of 7, Moore had to have his penis amputated after a routine circumcision led to an infection that forced doctors to remove much of the organ, reports The San Francisco Gate. According to Moore, the infection was caused by the doctor’s use of the wrong machine to complete the procedure.

"The last thing I can remember is talking to the anesthesiologist," Moore told SF Gate. "When I woke up, it was gone."

As he grew up, Moore attempted a few procedures to reconstruct the organ, but they all failed.

Then in July 2007, Moore had his penis successfully reconstructed by Stanford Medical Center plastic surgeon Dr. Gordon Lee. Moore’s uncle informed him of the surgeon after watching a documentary on his work. Lee reconstructed the organ using Moore’s thigh tissue; it was only Lee's second time performing the operation.

More traveled between Mississippi and Palo Alto, Calif., for his consultations ahead of the surgery, which was completed July 26, 2007.

However, a year after the successful procedure, Moore continued to experience challenges related to it. "I had been in several relationships and when it came down to having a sexual relationship, it wasn't there with anybody -- they couldn't deal with it," Moore told SF Gate. "I had a wife at the time of the surgery in 2007 and she couldn't even deal with the sight of what it looked like after Dr. Lee repaired it. That was a major contribution to her leaving as well.”

The ending of his marriage led him to sink into a “deep depression,” Moore said. "You just think, 'It's never going to happen. Would anybody want to be with me because of it?'"

In 2011, however, Moore met Heather Moore, who would later become his wife. The pair married in September 2012, and Moore says she his wife, now 25, has never made him feel abnormal. "She accepted me for who I was, and not for what was wrong with me. She continues to this day to assure me that there's nothing wrong,” Moore said.

After they were unable to conceive naturally, the pair chose to use artificial insemination in January 2013. Just one month later, Heather learned she was pregnant. And eight months later, she gave birth to their son, Memphis.

"The one thing I wanted most was a family, and I didn't think it was going to happen -- to have kids, to have a wife who loves me for who I am," Moore told SF Gate. "Then on Oct. 4, 2013, we had Memphis, and I love that little boy with all my heart."

According to Dr. Lee, Moore is possibly the first person in the world with a fully reconstructed penis to conceive a child.