Martha Stewart Takes on Megyn Kelly
Martha Stewart sprays a Thanksgiving turkey with pepper spray, calling it "a fabulous trick I learned over at UC Davis." NBC Screen Shot

Fox News commenter Megyn Kelly continues to feel the burn after calling pepper spray a food product on national television, and Thanksgiving queen Martha Stewart has joined in the backlash, pepper spraying a turkey on NBC's The Today Show.

Martha Stewart sprayed the turkey in the middle of the show's Thanksgiving special on Nov. 23, saying it was a fabulous trick I learned over at UC Davis.

Megyn Kelly Under Fire

Megyn Kelly came under fire this week after appearing to downplay the seriousness of the pepper spray attacks on UC Davis students by Lt. John Pike last week. [Pepper spray is] like a derivative of real pepper. It's a food product essentially, Kelly said on Bill O'Reilly's Fox program on Nov. 21.

She also agreed with O'Reilly's statement that the police riot tool just burns your eyes.

Kelly's remarks sparked an immediate and virulent backlash. Although the Fox News contributor did not that pepper spray's affects could be serious, many felt her comments belittled the pain UC Davis students who experienced the pepper spray attack went through.

Side effects of being pepper sprayed often include a burning or bubbling feeling in the eyes, a choking sensation, temporary blindness, upper body spasms, and more. The full effects of pepper spray last for about forty-five minutes, but some symptoms last for days after a pepper spray attack.

Eat or Drink a Full Dose

One of the most adamant condemnations of Megyn Kelly came from an online petition at, which urged the anchor to back up your claim that pepper spray is a food product by consuming as much of it as was sprayed on each protester's face, in one sitting, on camera at Fox News.

The petition allows Kelly to mix the pepper spray in food or drink, and many who've signed the petition have offered suggestions ranging from deviled eggs to hot coffee.

Comedy video web site Funny or Die has also joined in the backlash. A recent video depicted Megyn Kelly bashing protesters and American Indians (the first illegal immigrants) while pepper spraying her Thanksgiving turkey.

Martha Stewart Strikes Back

It seems Martha Stewart may have been watching Funny or Die on Nov. 23, or had least heard of the petition to have Megyn Kelly eat pepper spray on national television.

During a guest appearance on NBC's The Today Show, Stewart was asked if the Thanksgiving turkey she was preparing needed any more salt and pepper. Yes, Stewart responded.

As the camera panned out, viewers saw the Thanksgiving guru putting on a police officer's riot helmet, complete with pepper spray shield. Here a fabulous trick I learned over at UC Davis.

Stewart then proceeded to spray the turkey with what (we hope) was a fake canister of pepper spray, coating the turkey liberally in food product. Watch The Today Show clip below.

Martha Stewart Pepper Sprays a Thanksgiving Turkey: