It may be Thanksgiving, but Fox News commentator Megyn Kelly isn't having the best week.

Kelly came on The O'Reilly Factor late Monday to discuss the Occupy Wall Street protest that broke out this weekend at UC Davis. Police Lt. John Pike sprayed pepper spray on non-violent protestors sitting on the ground in an act that has been called into question as excessive force. Kelly has a slightly different opinion.

First of all, pepper spray, O'Reilly said to Kelly. That just burns your eyes, right?

Right, Kelly replied. I mean it's like a derivative of actual pepper. It's a food product, essentially.

Kelly's comment that pepper spray is little more than a food product has sparked outrage from protestors and commentators online.

The cherry on Kelly's less than cheery week is a Funny or Die video that was released Wednesday. The video features a Thanksgiving special where Kelly shows the audience and her children how to prepare a Thanksgiving turkey. 

Her signature ingredient? Why, pepper spray, of course.

The video follows a slew of other jokes at Kelly's expense. A new meme became an overnight sensation following her remarks. The meme uses the structure of Kelly's sentence followed by essentially to mock her nonchalant attitude towards a very serious issue. The memes popularized on Reddit and QuickMeme have showcased issues like child abductions as essentially child care and human trafficking as essentially study abroad, well at least in Megyn Kelly's world.

A petition has also been posted on the Web site asking Kelly to back up her claim by eating as much pepper spray as was used on each protester's face. According to the petition, Kelly's claim that pepper spray is a food product, essentially is of course, ridiculous.

The Funny or Die video, like the memes and petition started earlier this week, mock Kelly's nonchalant attitude towards pepper spray despite evidence that it can cause serious health damages, including temporary blindness, gagging, uncontrollable coughing, throat, ear, eye and nose irritation as well as potential long term side effects, even death.

Watch Megyn Kelly's Pepper Spray Thanksgiving from Funny or Die:

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