Sony Pictures has released the official, full length trailer for Men in Black 3, the long overdue third installment of the Men in Black franchise starring Will Smith as Agent J and Tommy Lee Jones as Agent K.

Men in Black 3 brings some newcomers with Smith and Lee Jones like Josh Brolin as Young Agent K, Jemaine Clement as Boris, Lady Gaga and Bill Hader as Andy Warhol as seen in the two-minute trailer.

But what do all of these people have in common with alien fighting agents?

Men in Black 3 plays with time travel and alternate reality, forcing Smith as Agent J to travel back in time to the 1960's and work with a much younger Agent K, played by Brolin. Agent J comes in contact with Andy Warhol, played by Hader, in the year 1969 who is secretly an agent as well.

Not much is known about Jemaine Clement who plays the villain Boris other than being seen in the trailer in a prison cell with a bearded biker look meets alien.

Rumors have been swirling that Lady Gaga will make a cameo in the movie, but her rep has not confirmed nor denied the report. E! Online played Where in the World is Lady Gaga in the trailer, pointing out a woman a silver dress with a purple wig that allegedly is Gaga at the 1:23 mark.

Barry Sonnenfeld directed Men in Black 3 along with the other two films that began the franchise in 1997. The first film brought in nearly $600 million in the box office, while the second grossed $441 million.

Men in Black 3 will open May 25, 2012 in theatres.