• A new website will feature some of the rarest Michael Jordan memorabilla in an online auction
  • Online auction reportedly will feature "23 slots"
  • The most expensive Jordan card was sold on eBay last year

A new Michael Jordan memorabilia website will showcase all MJ-related items in an online auction.

Without a doubt, Jordan’s legacy is still alive and being the greatest player of all time is certainly the reason behind it. In fact, there are no other NBA player in history who has made a lasting impact through a brand named after himself than MJ.

Huge Jordan fan, long-time collector and businessman Ryan Friedman is one of the people in the world who have been infused by MJ’s influence. Friedman is set to generate an insane amount of money by launching “MJAuthentic23,” a website which will be devoted exclusively to Jordan-related items.

The inaugural auction will take place April 9-23 and will feature significantly “23 lots” to honor the greatest basketball player in history.

“We want people to have fun, enjoy the art of collecting and pursuing their favorite Michael Jordan collectibles. Even though each auction will only have 23 lots, there will still be a wide variety of price ranges allowing all types of budgets to participate,” Friedman told Sports Collectors Daily.

According to Friedman, an array of rare Jordan memorabilla will be available for sale online including a selection of Type 1 Jordan photographs, a vintage autographed Jordan Sand-Knit Jersey, a signed personal check, Michael Jordan Senior Flight School Participation Awards, a rare Rare Carlo Beninati UDA “Free Throw” Serigraph and more.

Spectators and collectors will be able to get an early preview of the said items via the MJAUthentic23’s official Instagram account.

Magic Johnson Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson are two of the greatest NBA players of all time. Getty Images/Tiziana Sorge

The Chicago native revealed that he will also offer appraisals of Jordan memorabilia and advisement services on third-party grading and authentication as well as private sales and consignment opportunities for Jordan-related items.

“Over the last 23 years, I have had the pleasure of handling some amazing and rare pieces of Michael Jordan memorabilia, including autographs, game worn jerseys, game worn shoes, original photographs and so much more. Now it’s time to showcase some of these items, along with unique consignments from fellow Michael Jordan memorabilia collectors,” Friedman revealed.

Despite being retired for 17 years, Jordan is still setting incredible records. Last year, an extremely rare card featuring the former Chicago Bulls star was sold for $350,100 on eBay.

The prestigious card was from the 1997-98 Precious Metal Gems collection and is considered to be the holy grail of Jordan cards. Among the only 100 copies produced, the first 10 were the green version (the rarest), like the card sold, and the remaining 90 were red.

The amount of the sale broke a couple records including the most expensive card ever sold on eBay and the most expensive Jordan card ever sold.