Staunch conservative American radio host and political commentator Michael Savage has raised the question that Andrew Breitbart may have been assassinated.

At the beginning of his radio show this morning, Savage played audio of Breitbart speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington last month.In the audio clip, Breitbart claimed he had obtained videos that revealed Obama's ties to radicals in the 1980s. Breitbart believes certain radicals helped propel Obama to success and helped him win the election.

Maybe my overly active imagination kicked into overdrive, Savage told listeners of his radio show. But you heard what Breitbart said--he has videos...we're going to vet the president.

I'm asking a crazy question, said Savage, but so what? We, the people, want an answer. This was not an ordinary man. If I don't ask this question, I would be remiss.

Savage spoke at length about why he thought Breitbart put himself at risk: I told him. I warned him, said Savage. I told him, 'You're going over the edge here. You're supposed to be a journalist. Andrew, stop it. Do you know the difference between being a journalist and being an activist?'

I don't think he understood the difference and the danger he was putting himself in--both physically, in the sense of his own health, let's put it that way, emotionally and every other way, said Savage.

Then he raised a question about whether Andrew Breitbart had been assassinated: If there's going to be an autopsy...are we allowed to ask the question? said Savage. Let me ask my audience the question: What do you think? Do you think he died from natural causes from overwork, exhaustion, had a heart attack and died--or do you think it's possible that he was executed, assassinated by some nefarious forces in America?

He continued: Have we now become South American in the 1970s, where people just disappear?

Savage believes Breitbart put himself at risk by speaking out and threatening the president's credibility at CPAC. In his speech at the convention, Breitbart said, I've got videos--this election we're going to vet him, promising that the conservatives that he would show how racial division and class warfare are central to the hope and change that Obama sold in 2008.

The videos are going to come out, said Breitbart. The narrative is going to come out that Barack Obama met a bunch of silver ponytails back in the 1980s like Bill [Ayers] and Bernadine Dorhn who, equally radical, said, 'One day we're going to have the presidency.'

Breitbart spoke at length about his conspiracy regarding Obama's rise to fame: And the rest of us slept while they plotted, and they plotted, and they plotted, and they oversaw hundreds of millions of dollars in the [Chicago] Annenberg Challenge, he said. They had real money, from real capitalists--who gave it on to their children and their children's children, and then they become communists.

Barack Obama is a radical, said Breitbart. We should not be afraid to say that.

Savage is worried that Breitbart's threats against the president's credibility may have put him at risk. I pray it was natural causes, said Savage, but we'll never know the truth.

Savage speculated about ways that Breitbart's heart attack could have been induced and gone untraced according to WorldNetDaily. One of the callers to Savage's show offered another explanation: If the tapes come out, he died of a heart attack, the caller said. If the tapes don't come out, they whacked him.