Michael Schumacher
Former seven-time champion and Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher is still recovering from a head injury sustained in a ski accident in December 2013. Reuters

Formula 1 racing icon Michael Schumacher has spent the last 14 months reportedly battling for his life after sustaining a major head injury in a skiing accident in late December 2013.

The full extent of Schumacher’s progress since the accident is still under much speculation. Express reported earlier this week that medical care for the seven-time world champion is round the clock, and has reached a cost of £10 million.

Over the last year, Schumacher has undergone surgeries, was in a coma, switched hospitals, and reportedly turned his home into medical facility so he can recover near his family.

Here’s a timeline covering more than a year since Schumacher's accident.


Dec. 29

Schumacher suffers a serious head injury while skiing in an off-piste area with his son in Meribel, France. He reportedly hit his head on a rock, after traveling at an undetermined speed.

He undergoes two emergency brain surgeries. At some point during his treatment, Schumacher was placed into a coma at Grenoble University Hospital in France. Chief anesthesiologist Jean-Francois Payen says that Schumacher is "fighting for his life."


Jan. 8

Investigators stated Schumacher was trying to slow down, but not quickly enough, before his ski hit a rock which subsequently led to his fall and injury.

Feb. 16

French ski academy Ensa conducts tests on Schumacher’s ski helmet, questioning how it reportedly exploded on impact, according to Daily Mirror. One theory posits that the camera attached to the helmet might have weakened it. Schumacher was filming his son at the time.

April 4

Schumacher’s agent says his client is showing “moments of consciousness,” Daily Mail reported.

June 16

Schumacher leaves Grenoble Hospital for University Hospital of Lausanne in Switzerland. He still reportedly requires round the clock care, but is out of a coma that lasted 189 days.

June 22

A helicopter air rescue company executive who arranged Schumacher’s transport to Switzerland allegedly stole the racer’s medical records and tried to sell them to English, French and German media outlets. Before he was about to face a judge for the alleged theft, the unnamed executive was found hanged in a jail cell on Aug. 6.


At some point the Schumacher family begin to renovate their 35 million pound ($54 million) mansion in Gland, Switzerland, to make it more accessible for Michael and a wheelchair, as well as for his father, Rolf, to move in and help.

Sept. 9

Schumacher returns home after 254 days in the hospital. German newspaper Bild states Schumacher’s return was actually ahead of schedule. However, he still requires constant care.

Dec. 29

On the one year anniversary of the accident, there is rampant speculation about Schumacher’s health and rate of recovery. His family, wife Corinna and children Gina Marie and Mick, have largely remained silent throughout the ordeal and complete media blackout has limited any leaks about his condition.

However, days before the anniversary former F1 racer Philippe Streiff says he learned Schumacher had yet to regain the ability to speak but is now able to recognize his wife and children, according to CNN.

Schumacher’s manager, Sabine Kehm, later question’s Streiff’s assessment saying, “I can only confirm that I do not know where Mr. Streiff has his information from because he has no contact with us and never has."


Feb. 15

In an exclusive story, Express provides a glimpse into Schumacher’s recovery. A medical staff of 15 care for Schumacher all day at the cost of 10 million pounds ($15.4 million) so far. The report stresses Schumacher is progressing at a slow rate and one source with knowledge of the situation said, “There is no miracle on the horizon.”