• Mike Trout is the highest paid baseball player in 2019
  • He has around $60 million in net worth
  • The Los Angeles Angel's star is a perennial MVP contender

Mike Trout’s net worth is massive but can he bring his team to the promise land?

Trout’s net worth is $60 million and the Los Angeles Angels signed him to the biggest deal ever for a baseball player. This will make Trout, 28, an Angels lifer as it sees him wearing the uniform until 40 years old. It might seem absurd given the risks involved in a baseball player’s career such as injuries which could hamper progress or slow down efficiency and production. If this was any player, any team would surely think twice. But it was Trout involved and he is no ordinary player.

So, what makes the slugger the highest paid player in the baseball universe? He is consistent and he is a perennial MVP contender for seven years in his first eight years playing. That says a lot about his endurance also, which probably convinced the Angels to sign him long term because he has been able to take care of his body despite the rigorous demands of playing at the highest level.

The contract is said to be the richest in the sport: 12 years worth $426.5 million. Additionally, the clause has a $20 million signing bonus, per Forbes. This contract made him secure the 17th spot in the highest paid athletes rankings in the world in 2019. He is the highest baseball player in the list, next is Bryce Harper at the 23rd spot.

Aside from game salary, Mike Trout also makes money from endorsements. Some of the brands he collaborated with are BodyArmor, J&J Snack Foods, Nike, Rawlings and Topps. His global appeal convinced Nike that he deserves his own signature shoes, the second ever baseball player to be given this honor aside from Ken Griffey Jr.

Other than being included in the MVP discussion every year, the hard-hitter is also an eight-time MLB All-Star, three-time American League (AL) Most Valuable Player (MVP) and was the recipient of Silver Slugger Award for seven years.

Can he become the greatest ever to do it? Trout is the best baseball player now but to become the greatest ever, he has to withstand the test of time.

He has become so dominant that sports scribes labeled him the "LeBron James of baseball," according to FOX Sports. The similarities are there: both have massive fan bases and are still breaking records going into their 16th (James) and 9th season (Trout), respectively. After all is said and done, Trout could become the greatest ever to do it in a baseball stadium and fans should appreciate him while they still can.

Mike Trout
Mike Trout is likely to spend his entire baseball career with the Los Angeles Angels. In this picture, Trout #27 poses for a portrait during Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim photo day in Tempe, Arizona, Feb. 19, 2019. Jamie Squire/Getty Images