• Rapper Baby Bash said Mike Tyson will beat Jon Jones in boxing
  • Bash said Tyson could still dominate any fighter in the first two to three rounds
  • Former UFC champ Michael Bisping said Tyson should not fight Jones in any sport

A California-based rapper thinks Mike Tyson could beat UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones in a boxing ring but not inside the octagon.

Ronald Ray Bryant, best known as Baby Bash, is an American rapper based in California. He had a Mexican mother and an Anglo father but has made a name for himself in the U.S. Many may not know, however, that Bash is a huge fight fan and has some connections with boxing media personalities.

In a recent phone interview with Elie Seckbach of EsNews, Bash was asked to predict one of the most talked-about fantasy fights today – Tyson vs, Jones. According to the 44-year-old, he believes the resurgent “Iron Mike” has still got it and would finish Jones in a boxing match but certainly not in an MMA fight.

“In boxing, I believe Tyson wins, in the octagon of course I believe Jon Jones,” Bash predicted.

However, Bash also predicted that Tyson could only dominate in the "first 2-3 rounds," and after that, the 53-year-old “could be tired.” He also noted that boxing requires different defenses and angles than in the octagon.

While Bash thinks Tyson could still match a prime fighter such Jones, former UFC champ Michael Bisping begged to disagree. On his podcast “Believe You Me” (via MMA News), Bisping referred to Jones as the greatest of all time and said Tyson shouldn’t fight him in any sport.

“We’ve got the baddest man on the planet, we’ve got the greatest of all time, and I’m not talking about Mike Tyson, I’m talking about Jon Jones. He (Tyson) should fight another legend. He should not fight Jon Jones in any way, shape or form,” Bisping pointed out.

The Tyson vs. Jones fight talks started when the former heavyweight champ name-dropped the UFC star in a recent Instagram live. The legendary boxer was trying to make a point that a UFC fighter will never be richer than a first class boxer. And as he emphasized on the idea, Tyson said, “Jon Jones gotta fight me to make some super money.”

What seemed to be some sort of a “call-out” did not go unnoticed as Jones immediately responded and took his thoughts to Twitter, writing: “I’m listening Mike Tyson. I’ll box you in the ring if you promise to give me a real fight in the Octagon afterward. And because I respect you so much, I promise I won’t break anything on you.”

Jon Jones UFC Jon Jones reacts to defeating Daniel Cormier in the light heavyweight title bout during UFC 214 at Honda Center on July 29, 2017 in Anaheim, California. The betting odds favor him to beat Brock Lesnar in 2018. Photo: Getty Images