Veteran Dallas Cowboys' wide receiver and former Pro Bowler Roy Williams is suing Brooke Daniels, the 2009 Miss Texas, for return of property, as he seeks the $76,600 engagement ring and the $5,000 he gave her for tuition and dental bills.

Williams also sent Daniels a baseball for Daniels's brother and a taped marriage proposal in February. Daniels, 25, declined the proposal, and Williams claims Daniels later said she lost the ring.

According to the Odessa American, Michael Daniels, Brooke Daniels's father, who is mentioned in the affadivit, said that Williams filed a claim with his insurance company which investigated the lost ring and determined that it was not lost.

Michael Daniels said he has possession of the ring, and stated that neither he nor his daughter had claimed it was lost or stolen. He plans to return the ring to Williams to avoid further legal issues.

He said (to Brooke Daniels), 'I'm not like a lot of people, I don't want the ring back. You'll eventually come back to me,' and she didn't, Michael Daniels told the Odessa American.

Williams had lived with Brooke Daniels for a year, according to her father.

Williams, 29, shouldn't be hurting for money. In 2008, he signed a five-year extension worth $45 million, including more than $20 million guaranteed, based on an ESPN report.

Here is the text from the affadivit:

Shortly before Valentine's Day of 2011, Brooke Daniels contacted me - the man she had been dating - at my home in Ector County and requested the sum of $5,000.00 for her alleged school and dental bills. I sent the funds to her - along with a baseball for her brother - in an overnight package. As a surprise, I also recorded a marriage proposal including it and an engagement ring (having an approximate value of $76,600.00) in the package.

Subsequently, Ms. Daniels declined the marriage proposal but has refused to return the engagement ring. Initially, she simply refused to send back the ring. Approximately six weeks later - after I kept persisting that the ring be returned - Ms. Daniels claimed she had lost the ring.

Consequently, I reported to my insurer that the ring had been lost. My insurer performed an investigation which revealed that the alleged mysterious disappearance or theft of the engagement ring did not occur. The investigation confirmed that the engagement ring is currently in the possession of Michael Daniels, Ms. Daniels' father. Attached hereto as Exhibit A is a true and correct copy of the response I received from my insurer.

I have since made demand on both Brooke and Michael Daniels for return of the property and they have refused to surrender possession of it.