Baby Lisa Irwin
A handout picture of Lisa Irwin Reuters

A new detail has emerged in the case of missing baby Lisa Irwin. A man has come forward and told investigators that he knows who received a call from the cellphone of Lisa's mother Deborah Bradley the night baby went missing.

The man, who used to live with Megan Wright and her roommates, Monday said that someone named Dane had been using Wright's phone and he should have received the 50-second call from Bradley's cell.

According to police, someone tried to use Bradley's phone to call a woman whose ex-boyfriend allegedly has a criminal history of break-ins in the surrounding area of the family's Kansas City home.

Wright is staying at a home which is a mile away from Bradley's. She denied the reports saying that she did not receive the call from Bradley's cellphone on that night. She said that she didn't even know who Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin were. She said that the cellphone was shared by seven other people in her home and when the call had been made, she did not have the phone with her.

In an interview with CNN, Wright said that her roommates informed her that Dane had her cellphone on both Oct. 3 and 4 - the day Lisa disappeared. According to Wright, police have already questioned Dane.

On condition of anonymity, Wright's former roommate told Fox 4 Kansas City that he had lived with Wright and other adults, and Dane, who might have had the phone that night, was involved with guns, drugs and trouble.

He said, He [Dane] was the only one that had the phone that night, no one else used the phone that night, it was in his possession the whole night and he acted secretive and edgy on the phone that night. However, he said Dane did not have the capacity to abduct a child.

Lisa, whose disappearance has mystified the whole nation, turned one year Friday. She has been missing for more than a month now. According to Lisa's parents, the toddler, who was then 10 months old, was abducted from her crib in the early hours of Oct. 4.

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