Baby Lisa Irwin
A handout picture of Lisa Irwin Reuters

Authorities are still searching for clue to get hold of the one-year-old Lisa Irwin who went missing from her crib six weeks ago. The case has put forth some questions and the authorities are still searching for answers.

The most unanswered questions in the Lisa Irwin case are Where is Lisa?, What happened to her on the night of Oct. 4 when she disappeared? and Is Lisa Irwin Dead?

But apart from these, there are many other questions that have not been answered yet and that adds to the mystery surrounding the toddler's disappearance. However, some answers are not addressed publicly and may be only known to investigators and some answers might not prove related to the case.

Here are some additional questions answers to which are crucial in the investigation into the disappearance of Lisa Irwin:

  • The night when baby Lisa disappeared, her father Jeremy Irwin said he returned from Starbucks late at night because the work kept him out six hours later than expected. Bradley said he did not inform her about the delay at work. So what kind of repair works was Jeremy doing that kept him out later than expected?
  • What exactly happened to the baby food that Lisa's mother Deborah Bradley was shown buying in a video Oct. 3?
  • If Bradley is a member of a frequent shoppers club that keeps tracks of what their members are purchasing, then do their records suggest the timings of her purchase of baby food that was regular with her normal purchase intervals?
  • The night when Lisa disappeared, Bradley went to a local supermarket and purchased wine. So how much wine was missing from the wine box?
  • Did Bradley appear drunk to police when they reached at her home at 4 a.m. Oct. 4 after Lisa went missing?
  • If the outgoing call on Bradley's cellphone was barred due to non-payment, then how does someone called from her phone to Megan Wright's phone the alleged night?
  • How many cellphones did Bradley have with her at the house before baby Lisa went missing?
  • Do Bradley's phone records show a call from Irwin to Bradley during the hours he was at Starbucks? Though Bradley initially said that Irwin did not call, yet one of his lawyers, who claimed to have the phone records, announced that Irwin did try to place a call Bradley. This was how Irwin learned that the family's phone service had been shut off for nonpayment.