Benny, a beagle in New Zealand who went missing more than a week ago, was finally found by a massive search operation late on Sunday, Stuff reported. Hundreds of searchers, a helicopter and thermal imaging all had to work in concert to recover the dog, who braved nine days of nature and bad weather before being returned to his owners.

Matt and Grace Newman-Hall were desperate to find their beloved beagle, who went missing on April 6 during a walk on New Zealand’s North Island. After nine days, a social media campaign and extensive combing of Belmont Regional Park, Benny was found trapped at the top of a waterfall, which required careful extraction from rescuers.

Around 1,000 people were involved with the search over its course, which eventually required helicopters and infrared scanning. Per Australia’s ABC News, a Facebook page dedicated to finding Benny accumulated more than 1,000 followers, with some complete strangers being inspired to go look for Benny after seeing the campaign.

Benny was found not far from where he originally went missing, reportedly stuck to a log and unable to move very much. Though Benny likely suffered from bad weather that blanked the region while he was missing, as well as a lack of consistent food, he apparently had easy access to water from where he was positioned.

Rescuers found him after scaling the waterfall, with the timid dog reportedly not even barking during the process. Aside from losing weight and having a slight fever, Benny is supposedly in good health. His owners posted a video on the Facebook page showing him reunited with his friend Spike.

There will be a community cookout to celebrate Benny’s return and recognize those who helped find him, as well as giving said rescuers a chance to meet him under better circumstances.

Benny survived an arduous ordeal given the terrain and weather, dogs have gone missing for far longer than nine days before miraculously returning home. Abby, a black Labrador mix who had run away an entire decade ago, was returned to her Pennsylvania family in February thanks to an identification microchip.

beagle A missing Beagle was found safe after nine long days in harsh weather in New Zealand. Pictured above is Uno, a beagle who won Best in Show at the 2008 Westminster Dog Show. Photo: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images