An additional 23 documents related to the investigation of Michael Brown’s killing were released Saturday by a Missouri prosecutor, who said his office accidentally withheld them. This marks the second time St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert P. McCulloch has provided multiple documents that were left out of the initial release Nov. 24. At the time, he promised to unseal all evidence presented to the grand jury that decided not to indict a police officer, who is white, in the fatal shooting of Brown, who was black.

“Clearly, I inadvertently omitted some material [from the Nov. 24 release],” Reuters quoted McCulloch as saying. “I apologize for any confusion this may have caused.” The prosecutor had made public additional material last Monday.

Among the dozens of documents released is a transcript of an interview authorities had with Dorian Johnson, who was with Brown Aug. 9 when the unarmed teenager was shot and killed by Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri. Johnson said Wilson did not ask either Brown or himself about stolen cigarillos when he first approached them, even though the goods were in plain sight, according to the transcript obtained by the Guardian.

“When the officer approached us, he did not approach like he was being, ya know, stopping someone for committing a crime,” Johnson said during the interview. “His initial stop was, ‘Get the F on the sidewalk.’”

A transcript of an interview with a Ferguson resident was also released. In it, the resident said Wilson was nicknamed “Ears” and was known for harassing residents. “I said Ears is what we call him around here, he be the one messing with people around here, pulling people over,” the resident told an FBI agent. The resident claimed to be a witness of the shooting, but his account was “wildly” different than other eyewitness reports, according to a reporter for the Guardian: