Romney 1 November 2012 2
2012 Republican Party presidential nominee Mitt Romney. Reuters

In the digital age, it has become common place for a presidential hopeful to have a website, and on the night of their election to display a “Thank You” message to the American people for lending their support. It is unusual for the loser of an election to display such a message, like Mitt Romney did on his campaign site, which was caught and screen captured by Political Wire.

The transition website that Romney had prepared for the after he won the race to the White House on Tuesday went live. It revealed what Romney would have potentially called “The Readiness Project,” a team to help the former Massachusetts governor get the things done that he promised throughout his campaign trail, according to Politico.

The now inactive site was located at, and had the titled: "Mitt Romney Elected the 45th President of The United States of America." Politico also reports that the “Readiness” team consisted of over 100 officials to get Romney ready for the beginning of his four-year term.

“President-elect Romney is working closely with his transition team to put together his administration to ensure a smooth transfer of power on January 20th 2013 and get to work for the American people,” reads the site in the Political Wire screen caps.

As far as what Romney had in store for the American people, Politico claims that he has small but notable goals for beginning his term, had he won. A surprise to some may be the preparation for conflict with the conservative Republicans in the House on what was called a “grand bargain.”

This is yet another digital error on the part of the former Presidential hopeful’s team. A Facebook post from the official Romney page has caught the attention of Romney critics since the debate, though it was posted in Oct. 2011.

“If you do not want America to be the strongest nation on Earth, I am not your president,” The Dot alleges the message said. “You have that president today.”

The 13-month-old post has 12 million likes and almost 23 thousand comments.