• Yasiel Puig's deal with the Atlanta Braves falls apart after he tested positive for the coronavirus
  • He urged everyone to take COVID-19 seriously and follow protocols, including wearing masks and practicing social distancing
  • The Cuban-born American player remains positive despite his botched MLB plans

Yasiel Puig will remain a free agent once (and if) the 2020 MLB season starts. The 29-year-old baseball player tested positive for COVID-19 and is now under quarantine.

This dealt a severe blow to a potential deal between him and the Atlanta Braves. The deal was never finalized. One of the requirements was for "The Wild Horse" to pass a COVID-19 test, Ken Rosenthal, senior baseball writer for The Athletic, reported.

"I urge everyone to take this pandemic seriously, this can happen to anyone, even the healthiest athlete," Puig said in a statement. "Wear a mask, social distance and follow your local protocols."

The development was a big blow to Puig, who was the biggest name available in the free-agent market. Though he admits he was saddened by the development, the Cuban-born American remains positive of a potential MLB return, TMZ Sports reported. The 2020 MLB 60-game season is set to start on July 23 and 24.

"But I believe that everything is in God's timing and that my return to MLB will happen in His perfect plan and timing for me," Puig said. "When I return to the field, I will do so knowing that I will have one less hurdle to overcome."

It was an unwanted setback for Puig after the Braves emerged as the team close to signing him. The Baltimore Orioles were also trying to get him to their side, offering multiple contracts to the 29-year-old right fielder.

Baltimore was trying to fill spots on their roster after Trey Mancini became unavailable. The 28-year-old revealed in April that he will be undergoing chemotherapy after being diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer.

But before that, Puig also revealed that several teams were in touch with him. The Miami Marlins were the only ones confirmed among the clubs. However, Puig admitted he wanted a heftier pay from Miami.

Though there is still a chance he could play, the fact that there are lesser games could force MLB teams to think twice. Also, Puig mentioned he needed to test negative for COVID-19 twice before he can get clearance to play.

"I will be quarantined until I receive 2 negative test results, which I hope will arrive shortly," he said.