• Cubs determined to get Arenado from Rockies
  • Arenado for Bryant sway may not be straight swap
  • Cubs will need to keep Arenado happy to prevent him from exercising 2021 player option

It wasn't too long ago when a potential MLB swap involving Nolan Arenado and Kris Bryant was suggested. Weeks later, it appears that suggested trade has reached another level with multiple reports suggesting that the Chicago Cubs are absolutely motivated to acquire the 28-year-old third baseman.

In a previous post, it was reported how a straight swap involving Arenado and Bryant made sense. It is no secret that the Colorado Rockies and Arenado are no longer seeing eye-to-eye with the latter determined to move on to another MLB team. Part of that is because the five-time All-Star seems to have been pissed off with some people in the organization. Names were not divulged.

Now it appears the Cubs want to fast-track things a bit. NBC Sports Chicago's David Kaplan reported how the team is determined to acquire Arenado after having conversations with sources close to the Rockies.

"I was on the phone with somebody in Colorado [Tuesday] night who covers the Rockies," Kaplan said. "He said to me, ‘hey dude, let me just tell you, these discussions are real. [Arenado] absolutely wants out of the Colorado Rockies organization and he's made it clear to ownership, ‘I don't want to be here. Get me outta here,'" Kaplan said.

To make the deal work, the Cubs would have to send Bryant to the Rockies and cash. Backing up Kaplan's claim is Les Shapiro of Mile High Sports Radio, claiming that Arenado welcomes the idea of a trade to the Cubs. With the deal seemingly close to getting done, Chicago needs to realize some things.

One is that they will be unable to add any young assets and second is that they will inherit Arenado's $35 million 2020 salary. This would put Chicago on the luxury tax threshold, meaning they could be forced to make another move to shed some money.

There is also the matter of Arenado's opt-out clause after 2021. There is no telling if the move to Chicago would be something that the 28-year-old would enjoy, meaning the Cubs need to make sure that Arenado would not exercise that clause. Developments could gain steam in the coming weeks with an Arenado for Bryant trade seemingly nearing the homestretch.