Ex-MLB star Esteban Loaiza officially surrendered to authorities recently to begin his three-year sentence tied up to a cocaine case. The once All-Star pitcher pleaded guilty to one count of possession of cocaine with the intent of distribution in San Diego County and is expected to be deported to Mexico after serving his sentence.

Loaiza was originally allowed to remain free on bond but was ordered to turn himself in to the authorities on April 19. He originally faced up to 10 years in prison but was able to cut a deal for three years and five years on probation, the Big Lead reported. The two-time MLB All-Star turned himself in the federal courthouse without saying a word to awaiting media.

It has been an unfortunate turn of events for the 47-year-old who made more than $40 million in his 14-year MLB career. It was last year when Loaiza was arrested for trying to move 44 pounds of cocaine from a house that was located near a school. According to authorities, the stash was worth more than $500,000, TMZ Sports reported.

It was on February 9, 2018 when Loaiza was caught by the San Diego County Sheriff's Department during a routine traffic stop. When authorities searched his vehicle,  a sophisticated aftermarket compartment used to conceal contraband was discovered.

Police eventually got a warrant to search his home, a place Loaiza had been renting near a preschool. Found was roughly 20 kilograms of suspected cocaine.  According to a report from NBC Los Angeles, the rented townhouse of Loaiza was described as a stash house used to distribute drugs. There was no furniture or personal belongings inside.

Loaiza was initially booked for 3 felonies: possession of cocaine over 20 kilograms, possession of cocaine for sale, and transportation of cocaine. He would, later on, plead guilty to felony cocaine possession with intent to distribute.

Loaiza is the second-winningest pitcher from Mexico in MLB history and played for the Pittsburgh Pirates, Texas Rangers, Toronto Blue Jays, Chicago White Sox, New York Yankees, Washington Nationals, Oakland Athletics, and Los Angeles Dodgers.

In 2003, Loaiza was the American League's (AL) starting pitcher. He suited up for the Chicago White Sox at the time, the same year he led the AL in strikeouts. Ironically, it was also with the White Sox where he played his final season in 2008.