After losing Bryce Harper to the Philadelphia Phillies, the Washington Nationals are expected to focus on upcoming free agent Anthony Rendon. And seeing how other players have experienced a rough off-season in securing deals, the 28-year-old third baseman may be better off listening to potential contract extension talks headed his way.

And from the looks of it, all that has started. According to MASN Sports, Rendon had met with Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo and owner Mark Lerner met before batting practice to discuss a possible extension. But do take note, that this was purely a meeting and that nothing really came out of it. The good thing here is that both sides are communicating and such is expected throughout the season until a deal is struck.

But the kicker here is that the Nationals have more leeway with Harper already with the Phillies. They can now work on a lucrative package for Rendon before he becomes a free agent, CBS Sports reported. Money is obviously a driving factor and with some luck, the 28-year-old could follow the same path of Nolan Arenado who agreed to an eight-year $260 million deal with just one year left on his contract.

For now, there is no telling if Rendon would be wanting something as lucrative. But looking at his performance so far, he may be worth such an investment. He is.397/.463/.845 (222 OPS+) with eight doubles, six homers, and 18 RBI through 15 games - clearly big numbers that make him a coveted free agent if the Nationals flinch.

Equally interesting for Rendon is if his agent, Scott Boras, enters the picture. Known to guide his clients in exploring free agency, a lucrative offer from the Nationals could prevent that from happening. So the question now is: how much is Washington willing to shell out for the prized third baseman?

Rendon and the Nationals are expected to engage in more meetings as the MLB season progresses. Also, he finds no problem discussing contracts or deals and assured that these will not pose as distractions.

“We can talk as much you want. I’m all ears. I’m a great listener. But it’s not going to distract me. At least I say it won’t. And if it does become an issue, then I’ll address it. But thus far, it’s been alright,” said Rendon.