• Padres want a good player in exchange for Myers
  • Red Sox unlikely to get Myers
  • Betts for Myers would have made sense for Boston and San Diego

The Boston Red Sox could use someone like Wil Myers and talks with the San Diego Padres are reportedly being made. However, the chances of seeing a deal happen could make no sense, especially after the Red Sox already dealing out Mookie Betts and David Price to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The Padres reportedly had Betts in mind but all that went down the drain when Boston opted to close the deal with Los Angeles. Per NBC Sports, the belief of most is that the Padres will still be looking to deal out Myers, mostly because of his bloated contract. The 29-year-old outfielder has $61 million remaining in his current pact.

That in mind, some feel that the main intention of the Padres is to rid themselves of that sum to gain some financial flexibility. But looking at it at a different angle, that may not be what San Diego has in mind. The Boston Globe notes how the Padres are trying to improve and become a contender so trading away Myers must return needed talent to back their goal. Betts could have been perfect. Now, there is no telling who the Red Sox could give up for Myers.

And if the Padres do want to contend, keeping Myers (for now) would make more sense. Unless there is a player they like which would need some financial leverage, San Diego may best hold off any deals involving Myers unless the returns are tempting.

Hence, any alleged trade rumors involving the Red Sox and the Padres for Myers may be nothing more than exploratory. The situation could change moving forward. Rather than a straight-up trade, a third team could enter the picture and make it happen, NBC Sports mentioned in another report. But as mentioned earlier, the Padres want value in return for Myers. It would have to be a player that could boost their upcoming MLB campaign and likely someone with a team-friendly contract.

For now, Myers will have to focus on playing and set aside MLB trade talks. Being in the center of trade rumors is nothing new to him. He has been traded twice and admits that it is something that he has learned to deal with, Fansided reported.

“I’ve been traded twice and been in trade speculation for a long time. I’ve figured out how to deal with it. It is what it is. I have no hard feelings toward anybody. I’m very happy to be here.”

Wil Myers #4 of the San Diego Padres
Wil Myers #4 of the San Diego Padres Getty Images | Denis Poroy