• Adam Frazier remains focused on winning after being rewarded by the Pirates
  • Frazier admits MLB trade talk bothered him
  • Frazier's versatility is seen as the reason behind his promotion

Adam Frazier of the Pittsburgh Pirates is fully aware that MLB trade rumors have been buzzing--with him part of unofficial conversations.

He admits that he has heard about them, but the 29-year-old prefers to focus on more important matters.

Frazier’s perseverance seems to have paid off with the Pirates rewarding him by naming him as the team’s starting second baseman for the coming MLB season.

The announcement was made by Kevin Gorman of

This development should provide Frazier with some relief considering the trade chatter that cropped up in the offseason.

Though he admits that he did not entirely block it, the main thing for Frazier was staying focused and preparing for his sixth MLB season with the Pirates.

“I try to stay in conversation with [general manager Ben] Cherington and [manager Derek] Shelton and try to expect what may be coming,” Frazier said via “None of that’s really come about. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, I’m happy to be a Pittsburgh Pirate and looking forward to working with these guys.”

Considering he had his share of struggles last MLB season, there was reason to consider that he could be among the players that Pittsburgh could deal out.

However, his late-season splurge in September that brought him closer to his usual numbers may have helped keep him off and potential MLB trade move. The effort was noticed no less by Pirates manager Derek Shelton.

“With 2020, for a lot of hitters, and again not just Pirates hitters, it was challenging. Guys that got off to difficult starts, it was hard to rebound and pull your numbers to where they were,” Shelton stated.

But beyond that, it was Frazier’s versatility that could have been part of the reason why the Pirates opted to keep him and elevate his role.

Shelton sees potential in Frazier and now the second baseman is expected to prove his worth even more.

“There are things we feel we can improve on at second, and I think he feels that, too, and he'll be the first person to tell you that. But he's going to be our second baseman," Shelton explained.

The Pirates traded players like Josh Bell, Joe Musgrove and Jameson Taillon for 11 prospects in the offseason. Other than that, they moved Starling Marte to the D-backs for shortstop Liover Peguero and Brennan Malone.

With Frazier now off the list, he only has one thing in mind heading into the next MLB season.

“I know I can't really have a say in any of that. I’ll be where my feet are and try to get better each day. I’m in a position now to try to lead these guys, so I’ll do my best to do that,” Frazier said.

Adam Frazier #26 of the Pittsburgh Pirates
Adam Frazier #26 of the Pittsburgh Pirates Getty Images | Justin Berl