UFC’s newly released MMA star Cris Cyborg receieves pitches from two new challengers.

Just a few days ago, UFC president Dana White made it official. The promotion has already released Cyborg and she is now an unsigned fighter. As expected, the UFC’s decision did not go unnoticed. In fact, two new challengers have already made their pitches for a superfight with the Brazilian superstar.

Kayla Harrison of PFL spoke with TMZ sports shortly after learning that Cyborg has been released by the UFC. According to Harrison, Cyborg wouldn’t have issues making weight because the division she would be in is a 155-lb division.

“I think that she would fit right in at the PFL. First of all it’s 155 pounds so she wouldn’t be dying to make the weight like she does at 145 ,” Harrison stated.

Harrison, who is a two-time Olympic gold medalist in judo, was also trying to convince Cyborg to come to PFL as the promotion could give her something she’ll find hard to get from other promotions, which is a strong opponent who can outstrike her.

“I’m gonna beat Cris Cyborg if she comes to the PFL, and I don’t think any other organization can offer her that,” Harrison pointed.

“Plus it’s a win, you fight, you move on type of atmosphere so she’s not gonna have to worry about the promoters liking her or not liking her which seems to be a big problem for her. If you win, you get to continue,” Harrison added.

The PFL fighter also commented on Cyborg’s skills and revealed what she believes the former UFC star is lacking.

“I wouldn’t say it’s incredible striking. I’d say she’s big, she’s strong, she’s powerful but she doesn’t move her head ,” Harrison noted.

Meanwhile, Bellator has also expressed their interest in signing Cyborg. Scott Coker, the promotion’s CEO once worked with Cyborg in the past and is now hoping to get her back.

Even Bellator featherweight champ Julia Budd also pleaded for a Cyborg match to happen soon, MMA Fighting reported.

“I think it makes perfect sense. The best 145-pounders in the world are here,” Budd said.

Same as Harrison, Budd vows to beat Cyborg and even stated that she has “the recipe” to beat the MMA star.

“I don’t think there’s easy fights for her in Bellator . I think I match up perfectly. I have the recipe to beat her and that’s what I plan on doing if she ever comes to Bellator. I’m excited for that,” Budd noted.

Cyborg UFC UFC Featherweight Champion Cris Cyborg attends a press conference at the Hilton Hotel in Copacabana on Aug. 15, 2017 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Photo: Buda Mendes/Getty Images