While rumors and speculation swirl about the whereabouts of Moammar Gadhafi, some reports claim the Libyan leader has been seen in Zimbabwe in southern Africa.

A report in CatholicOnline stated that Gadhafi was seen at the airport in Zimbabwe’s capital Harare and later at a mansion as the guest of President Robert Mugabe. The mansion is reportedly surrounded and patrolled by Gaddafi’s female bodyguards.

Other reports assert that the Zimbabwe Air Force may have transported Gaddafi to Harare.

There's no doubt that Gaddafi is here as a unique guest of Mugabe, said a spokesman for Zimbabwe's Movement for Democratic Change, an opposition party.

In what might be a related move, the Libyan ambassador in Zimbabwe and his staff have been threatened with expulsion from the country after they declared allegiance to the Libyan rebels last week.

Gadhafi escaping to Zimbabwe is not entirely far-fetched, he has long enjoyed the support and admiration of many countries in black Africa.

Zimbabwe is one of many African nations that have refused to recognize the National Transition Council (NTC) as that country’s legitimate rulers.

Permanent Secretary in Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Joey Bimha told a local newspaper: “NTC is not accredited to Harare. If [Libyan envoys] say they now recognize the NTC, it means that they are no longer representing interests of the Libyan government in Zimbabwe.”