In a week that has seen a Taiwanese lady in Boracay, Philippines, wearing a "string bikini," another gentleman has also trended in Australia for wearing a pink thong while jogging.

The mysterious man shocked a group of hikers when they saw the revealing outfit paired with a pair of work boots, leaving them utterly "uncomfortable."

According to witnesses, they were going up and down the Horse Mountain trail in Queensland, Australia, when they came across the man. The group of women told the Bribie Weekly that the experience was very "off-putting."

Maree Price, a member of the hiking squad, said that she saw the man when they were on their way back up the trail. She added that he wore a pink G-string and paired work boots, while his clothes were in his hand.

Price continued that she is not "comfortable to go running the track on my own now." Another woman in the group stated that she could not believe what she just saw.

The group of women noted that when they climbed up the third time, they came across the gentleman in "a bright, lacy g-string and couldn't believe it!"

The man did say "'sorry girls, sorry girls, sorry girls' over and over," adding that once they passed him, the unknown fellow "started covering his bare butt."

Price reported the incident to the police but was later told that the man wasn't doing anything illegal. An officer added that they would investigate the incident once further reports come in.

Last year, an Australian model and influencer also drew flak because of her revealing dress. The woman claimed that she was refused entry to the Louvre museum in Paris because of her risque outfit.

She vented her frustrations on Instagram were she was barraged with more insults.

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