Devin Booker made headlines recently after getting into an argument with Los Angeles Lakers prospect Joakim Noah. It had something to do about double-team defense during pick-up games, something that the Phoenix Suns star took exception. The whole thing has stirred up debate with several basketball personalities siding (and not) with the 22-year-old guard.

During that summer pickup game, Booker had an exchange with Noah, seemingly telling the 34-year-old big man that he has had his share of double-teams during the regular season. For Booker, pickup games are all about showing off talent. A clip of the whole thing can be viewed below.

And from here, the debate rages. Some felt that Booker would have instead taken it as a challenge with other players respecting him for what he can do on the basketball court. Also, it was something that could help him prepare for the coming NBA season with opposing teams likely to tighten up their defense on the talented guard.

Booker got his share of support. One of them was Kevin Durant who posted a series of tweets on the whole double-teaming during pickup games issue.

“You matchup with your position. U need double teams all game? In pickup? Cmon now, what we doing?” Durant wrote. “GUARD UP! It’s pickup, if u weak defensively then work on it in the summer cuz if u need a double during the season then coach sittin u on the [bench].”

As for the ones who believe Booker needs to think again on double-teams during pickup games, Amir Johnson said it is all part of the game. In addition, he believes it is something that it is all part of competition, even if it is just a pickup game, TMZ Sports reported.

"Technically, if it's game point and you're competitive, you're trying to win. I don't see nothing wrong with double-teaming," he said.

Other players like Trae Young also gave their takes and it appears it all depends on how competitive and serious a player is about playing any game. Regardless if it is a pickup or an official game, double-teaming defense only shows how good a player. For Booker, this could be a good point to consider than taking exception to it.

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