Carmelo Anthony has been the subject of debate in recent weeks as most ponder on his NBA chances. As of this writing, the 35-year-old scoring forward remains a free agent. Teams have surprisingly passed on Melo despite backing from fellow players. Some are concerned about his behavior while others may be wary of his condition.

If  Anthony's playing shape is an issue, the best way is to show detractors that he is still in form. He could consider a Big 3 stint, a scenario which Ice Cube welcomes. However, the 50-year-old American rapper wanted to set things straight first. The league has been branded as an option when the career's of professional basketball players are over. Ice Cube provided a different view in this report from the Los Angeles Times.

“When you go to the BIG3 your career is over but that’s not true. When the NBA lets you go, your career is over but you can continue to be a pro here. The BIG3 is where you continue your basketball career and until guys understand that, there’s going to be that stigma. Look at Joe Johnson, he showed what he could do in the BIG3 and he’s going to be back in the NBA. Carmelo could do the same if he wants,” he said to Arash Markazi.

With players like DeShawn Stevenson, Josh Smith, Gilbert Arenas, and Greg Oden, the Big 3 certainly seems like a stop for has-beens. Johnson, 38, is an exception although he has yet to be signed by an NBA team. Regardless, the fact remains that the seven-time All-Star still got a call.

In a separate post, the Pistons are reportedly the latest team who may hand the 10th overall pick a chance to play next NBA season. Rather than wait and do nothing, Anthony may want to consider playing in the Big 3 to at least show he still got game.

Contrary to what some perceive, the Big 3 is not solely for players who have used up their playing years. It is a place where second chances could happen for as long as players like Anthony can show that they still have plenty left in their playing tank.