NBA superstar Derrick Rose is hoping to avoid injury coming into next season with his new home, the Detroit Pistons.

For about a decade now, D-Rose has been one of the most famous NBA superstars in the league. But just like any other notable NBA stars who suffered a horrible injury, Rose’s career was derailed by a torn ACL and continued knee problems since he made his return to NBA.

At this point, it appears that Rose is trying to learn better control of his body. A recent footage shows that Rose is working on some proper landings and drills to avoid getting hurt inside the court. Looking back, Rose’s landings and movements have attributed to many of his injuries in the past.

Last season, the 2011 NBA MVP proved that he can still be a tremendous player. Rose may have contemplated that if he can strengthen his body, it will be much easier for him to score against smaller guards.

In simpler terms, the former Bulls star is working on how to be competitive while staying healthy at the same time. Many believe that this upcoming season in Detroit will be the ultimate test for Rose as he is expected to play a lead role in the second unit of the team.

After 10 years in the league, Rose earned the 2009 Rookie of the Year award and 2011 NBA MVP and his third All-Star selection in 2011-12. However, Basketball Reference gives Rose just a 10.5 percent chance of being a Hall of Famer.

Just recently, Rose seemed to disagree with the said stats and was quoted saying he’s a Hall of Famer in a different sense, Yahoo Sports noted.

"I am a Hall of Famer. Not in everybody’s eyes, but to the people that I grew up with," he said.

In his recent talk with SiriusXM NBA Radio, Rose addressed his goals next season and emphasized on finally winning a championship.

“I wanna win a championship, that’s what I really wanna do. Now is the time for me to get the one that I really, really want,” Rose pointed out.

A few days ago, sources noted excerpts from Rose’s book titled “I’ll Show You.” In the book, the former New York Knick shared his thoughts on how the New York Knicks fell apart.

According to Rose, Phil Jackson’s famous “Triangle Offense” and Carmelo Anthony played a huge role in dismantling their talented Knicks team a few years ago.

Derrick Rose Chicago Bulls
Derrick Rose might miss the start of the regular season. Getty