A former Los Angeles Laker described how it was like to play with both Kawhi Leonard and LeBron James.

Ivica Zubac played 3 seasons for the Lakers. During his last season with the team, Zubac got the chance to play with one of the greatest players in the league, “King James.” As a young player, Zubac learned some important things from James. And now that he is already with the Clippers, he is also learning from another NBA superstar Leonard.

In a recent locker room interview with Fanatics View, Zubac shared his thoughts about being on the same team with two of the best players in the NBA. According to the Croatian big man, Leonard and James influenced him to “stay professional” at all costs. He also revealed that both James and Leonard never took anybody for granted.

“Just about how to stay professional (and) how consistent they are,” Zubac responded when asked about what he learned from Leonard and James.

“No matter who they’re playing, they don’t take anyone easily,” Zubac added.

Leonard and James have been viewed in the NBA as superstars who are a step ahead of their peers. In fact, the two have already proven that they are highly capable of lifting any NBA team into the Finals, something that not all NBA stars can do.

LeBron James Kawhi Leonard LeBron James #23 drives past Kawhi Leonard #2 of the San Antonio Spurs during the first half at Quicken Loans Arena on Jan. 30, 2016 in Cleveland. Photo: Jason Miller/Getty Images

Raptors legend Chris Bosh didn’t have the chance to play with Leonard in Toronto but just like the reigning NBA Finals MVP, Bosh is also a 2-time NBA champ. He has had his best seasons with the Raptors but won his titles alongside James.

Earlier this month, Bosh also shared his thoughts about James and Leonard. According to Bosh, James and Leonard are the top two players in the league today. He also emphasized that it doesn’t really matter who sits on the no. 1 spot between the two. However, he is convinced that James is still the most talented player in the NBA despite his age.

“It don’t really matter but yeah,” Bosh answered when asked if James tops Leonard in his list.

“If you’re still asking if he’s the best player and his 35 years old, then he he’s the best player,” Bosh said about James.

In terms of accomplishments and individual stats, James and Leonard may differ. However, in terms of legacy and impact to the game, it is evident that both NBA stars are quite the same.