• Towns shared last March how people should take COVID-19 seriously
  • Karl-Anthony Towns lost his mother due to complications from the coronavirus
  • Fans and players took to social media to share their thoughts and prayers for the Towns family

The threat of the coronavirus rages on as the infectious disease continues to affect thousands of families worldwide. COVID-19 has taken away multiple lives in the past few months, including Jacqueline Towns, the mother of NBA All-Star Karl-Anthony Towns.

The NBA and fans worldwide mourn the difficult loss, as Jacqueline was very supportive of her son in his NBA journey. From the very beginning, she was seen cheering the would-be number one overall pick in different stages of his life. An old video of Karl-Anthony’s college commitment announcement resurfaced showing how overjoyed Jacqueline was for her son.

Last March, Karl-Anthony sent a message to everyone to take COVID-19 seriously as his mother was hospitalized.

“I think it’s important that everyone understands the severity of what’s happening in the world right now with this coronavirus,” said the Timberwolves center.

He continued by sharing the difficulties that their family is going through as it has been an emotional time for them.

“I talked to her when she went there and I told her I loved her,” Towns said. “This disease is real. This disease needs not to be taken lightly, please protect your families, your loved ones, friends, yourself."

The Towns family broke the news of Jacqueline’s passing with a statement that shared how she was a positive figure for everyone.

“Her passion was palpable and her energy will never be replaced,” stated Towns.

With the heartbreaking news, players and fans offered emotional support to Karl-Anthony Towns and his family.

The NBA shared condolences through their official Twitter page saying, “Jacqueline was beloved around the NBA and a great source of strength and inspiration for her family.”

Two-time MVP Steph Curry also offered his prayers for the big man.

One commenter on Curry’s post reposted a video of Jacqueline’s reaction to her son’s All-Star announcement. It showed the immense love and support she had for Karl-Anthony and his career.

Other players also poured in support such as John Wall, Chris Paul and Zach LaVine. They sent out their love and prayers to the Towns family.

Donovan Mitchell, who was tested positive for the virus last March, also sent his emotional support.

It has been a difficult month for the NBA but the community of players and fans are actively supporting one another in this rapidly evolving time.

Karl-Anthony Towns
Karl-Anthony Towns has paid off for the Minnesota Timberwolves as the No.1 pick in the NBA Draft. Getty