• The NBA remains suspended as a precautionary measure against the coronavirus
  • LA Lakers Lebron James took time to bring back a weekly tradition
  • Lebron James is once again an MVP candidate and leads the Lakers in the Western Conference

The NBA remains suspended and the timeline the league is looking at for a return is not until mid-to-late June. This means that everyone is expected to comply with the mandated orders to stay at home and help flatten the rate of infection. This entails that even the top athletes of the world should stay indoors until there has been an improvement in this global pandemic.

Prior to the world’s major events and activities coming to an abrupt hiatus, the NBA season featured several stories that rocked social media. Whether it’s from the emotional times, exciting highlights, and the goofy antics, the league never failed to provide entertainment at it’s best.

One of these moments included LA Lakers forward Lebron James and his weekly Taco Tuesday. It would always feature Lebron starting a serious monologue on how he’s doing then abruptly transforming into a taco-crazed six-foot-eight man chanting for the famed tortilla meal.

This was one of the hot topics during the start of the season but it eventually dwindled down as the Lakers entered the year focused to bring a title back to Los Angeles. The Lakers are currently first in the Western Conference with a 49-14 record. They clinched their spot in the postseason thanks largely to Lebron’s all-around play and Anthony Davis’ force inside the paint.

Lebron is considered once again as an MVP candidate with 25.7 points, 7.9 rebounds and 10.6 assists per outing. Davis has also contributed heavily to the success of the Purple and Gold as he leads the team with 26.7 points while adding 9.4 rebounds a game to go along with 51.1% shooting from the field.

But with the season at a halt, Lebron has been doing several activities indoors to pass the time. This includes the reintroduction of his weekly tradition of taco Tuesday. He shared a message to everyone to spend time with our loved ones amidst this difficult situation. And much like every Taco Tuesday video, he abruptly changes the tone into a crazed taco-loving individual.

No fans, no play: LeBron James
LeBron James and other NBA Superstars participated on a private conference call Monday (May 10) GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Harry How