• Michael Jordan's yellowish eyes during "The Last Dance" interviews drew speculations about his health
  • Jordan is believed to have some problems with his liver
  • Another possible cause of Jordan's yellowish eyeballs is a genetic problem

Michael Jordan’s seemingly yellowish eyeballs during interviews in ESPN’s “The Last Dance” are drawing speculations about some health issues.

ESPN made one of the most revealing stories in sports history in the 10-part documentary “The Last Dance.” The docuseries revolve around Jordan’s finald season with the Chicago Bulls. Thus far, it hasn’t failed viewers in terms of content. From revealing the truth about why the Bulls decided to do a rebuild while in the middle of a championship run, to showing the other side of MJ. However, there was one thing bugging people in each episode everytime Jordan was being interviewed – his yellowish eyeballs.

Due to the intensity of the show, it is highly likely that some viewers may have not noticed the color of Jordan’s eyeballs during interviews. However, Brobible’s Eric Ital recently tried to make a “merely speculation” about why Jordan’s eyeballs weren’t as white as it used to during his playing years.

According to Ital, the NBA icon himself has never addressed the yellow hue of his sclera or eyeballs, but “fans have long speculated that the yellow-ish tint of his eyes is due to a liver issue likely caused by his alcohol consumption.”

Ital clarified that this is just a speculation, but he did some research about the said health condition.

“A condition called a jaundice infection — which happens when the oxygen-carrying components in a one’s blood break down and become a substance known as bilirubin — has been known to make the eyes look yellow,” Ital wrote.

However, Ital also mentioned that the significant change in the color of his eyeballs could possibly be caused by a genetic disorder.

“There’s also the possibility that Jordan’s peculiarly ocular shade is simply a result of genes,” he added.

Michael Jordan NBA Hall of Famer and Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan walks off the court during the NBA All-Star Game 2016 at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Feb. 14, 2016. Photo: Elsa/Getty Images

Aside from issues with gambling, MJ has long been known to be quite a drinker. After and even during his playing years, Jordan has tried his best to keep his life as private as possible. In fact, he has never confirmed anything about his health in the past. And though he looks quite healthy at 57, fans are surely hoping that there’s nothing serious about his health condition.

Meanwhile, ESPN has already aired 6 episodes of “The Last Dance.” The latest back-to-back episodes (5 and 6) of the docuseries detailed Jordan's relationship with gambling and episodes 7 and 8 are also expected to be intriguing as well. Just after the conclusion of episode 6, ESPN  released a clip  foreshadowing the story of Jordan punching Steve Kerr at a practice for episode 7 or 8.