• Dwyane Wade is making sure his son is on the right path to basketball success
  • Dwyane and his son are seen trading barbs in a one-on-one game
  • Zaire Wade may come out with something special at Brewster Academy

Zaire Wade knows that he will need a lot of push for him to continue the legacy of his dad, Dwyane Wade.

Thankfully, he will get some guidance from his father although no one said it would be easy.

The father-and-son tandem engaged in a game of one-on-one basketball recently. However, it was far from the usual friendly game. It was competitive and the two were even talking trash to each other.

A glimpse of that session can be viewed below.

As most would expect, Dwyane had his way with his son in the one-on-one. Though a rising high school basketball star, it is evident that the 6-foot-3 teenager has a long way to go.

He does have the hops, a reason why several Division I schools have pitched offers.

Last season, Zaire played for Sierra Canyon School in San Fernando Valley. One of his teammates there is the son of LeBron James, Bronny.

Currently, Zaire is playing for Brewster Academy, an independent boarding school in the state of New Hampshire. He transferred after playing sparingly for Sierra Canyon and was unhappy with his role.

Dwyane's son is still undecided on where he will play college ball.

It remains to be seen if Zaire will get better opportunities at Brewster Academy, the same school the produced active NBA stars like T.J. Warren, Devonte Graham and Donovan Mitchell, USA Today reported.

Though Dwyane supported his son and the forgettable time Zaire had at Sierra Canyon, this one-on-one session is proof that he is bent on seeing his son follow in his footsteps.

If there is anyone good enough to show Zaire how to succeed in basketball, D-Wade is the best guy to do that.

Dwyane has three NBA titles and has 13 NBA All-Star appearances to his credit. He has been through several wars and worked his way to success. Hence, Zaire is in good hands and one thing he needs to prove is that he is not being considered because of his last name.

Also, the elder Wade is likely to influence where Zaire will play college ball. By the looks of it, the 18-year-old may surprise many with these tough love sessions with his father.

Zaire and Dwyane Wade
Dwyane Wade #3 of the Miami Heat addresses the crowd during a ceremony commemorating the final regular season home game of his career with his son, Zaire, prior to the game between the Philadelphia 76ers and the Miami Heat at American Airlines Arena on April 09, 2019 in Miami, Florida. Getty Images | Michael Reaves