• Garnett and Pierce feel Davis has not been living up to the expectations
  • Davis does not appear ready to prove he can lead the Lakers without James
  • Davis could return to action in the Lakers' upcoming games on the road

The Los Angeles Lakers continue to get heavy criticism, and it appears that is not about to go away anytime soon.

For a team that is made up of several certified superstars, the franchise has yet to live up to expectations as one of the favorites this NBA season.

Among the latest critics on the Lakers’ woes are two figures prominently familiar to the Lakers. Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce chimed in on their rivals but singled out Anthony Davis.

In the eyes of Garnett and Pierce, Davis has failed to take the load off LeBron James and has gone in the opposite direction.

"I thought everything should have gone through AD. I thought AD was young enough to be able to carry this team. He came to L.A. to kind of take some of the pressure off LeBron and he's gone the opposite direction," the 2004 NBA MVP stated on Showtime Basketball.

Pierce’s inputs were not that much different, stressing that Davis should be carrying the team at this point.

“AD should be carrying them through the regular season. He's hurt right now, but the key to this whole thing is AD coming back dominant. If he can be dominant, then the Lakers would be scary, but if he's going to be hurt, I don't think the Lakers got a shot," the 10-time All-Star stated.

Davis continues to be on the sidelines due to an MCL sprain. In the latest update on the status of the eight-time All-Star has been cleared for contact and there is growing optimism that he could be back in the Lakers’ upcoming six-game road trip, ESPN reported.

James and the rest are doing their best to hold the fort, but somehow the Lakers have yet to figure out the optimal mix to consistently win games.

Anthony Davis #3 of the Los Angeles Lakers watches with LeBron James #6
Anthony Davis #3 of the Los Angeles Lakers watches with LeBron James #6 Getty Images | Harry How