Greg Monroe did not exactly have a consistent career. But at 6-foot-11, it remains that the 7th overall pick of the 2010 NBA Draft can be an asset to the right squad. Especially since he's been working on his three pointers.

Monroe recently wrapped up his stint with the Philadelphia 76ers, a tenure that hardly made an impression. It was a hard-luck 2018-19 NBA season for him whose best chance next season would be to come off the bench.

When he was still with the Pistons, there was no doubt that Monroe could be one of the big NBA stars in the middle. He finished with 1,000-plus points and 600-plus rebounds for Detroit in three seasons, making him the only other player to do that with the Pistons since Grant Hill did the trick in 1994-95. The Milwaukee Bucks took a chance on him, hoping he could deliver the same. Unfortunately, Milwaukee needed more out of him and this eventually became his downfall.

His last stint was with the Philadelphia 76ers, a stint that hardly made a mark. According to Spotrac, he recently concluded a woeful $1.3 million contract and is now among the unrestricted free agents available in the market. As of this writing, no particular team has been linked to the player out of Georgetown as he awaits offers from teams in need of some help down low.

A potential dip in interest in Monroe could be because most NBA teams are now looking at a lot of things from someone who is effective at the low post. Critics have pointed out how big men have now added a three-point shot to their arsenal with Brook Lopez as a prime example, developing a sidestep from 28-feet or further, reported. In a way, Monroe needs to expand his game if he is to stay ranked among the top big men in the pro ranks. He could opt to stick with his regular style of play although this could keep him sitting on pins and needles and a minimum deal moving forward.

Monroe said that adding a shot from downtown is not that hard and that it is more about backing it up with confidence. He admits that he is working on it, but he would take a long shot only when the opportunity is right.

"I’ve been working on it and just about getting game reps," Monroe told Forbes' Steven Simineri in an interview.

"Right now, it’s still for me about the right situation, a good shot is a good shot. Coach tells me, you know, shoot it, he trusts me, but it’s not like I’m going to be out here shooting 10 3’s a game. You know if the play permits it, I’m open, I’m definitely going to let it fly."

There are teams that could use someone like Monroe. For now, however, he may have to settle for a minimum deal and come off the bench first. Being elevated to a starting role will depend on him coming up with a good performance and whether he blends in with the system. All that remains to be seen.

Greg Monroe Milwaukee Bucks
Greg Monroe could end up on his third team in as many years. Getty