• Shannon Sharpe harshly responds to Russell Westbrook's name-calling incident
  • A group of fans shouting "Westbrick" at the Lakers point guard forced him to address in the postgame presser
  • Westbrook's family has become the targets of harassment this season

Los Angeles Lakers point guard Russell Westbrook recently spoke out against the “Westbrick” comments that he has been receiving, but Shannon Sharpe is not having any of it.

On ESPN’s The Undisputed, the former Super Bowl-winning tight end-turned-analyst berated Westbrook for the latter’s inability to keep his head in the game.

“Zero (sympathy). Play better. They [the fans] didn’t call him ‘boy’, ‘monkey’, ‘ape’, or make gestures like that, didn’t say the n-word, did not say any of that. They called him ‘Westbrick’ because what has had transpired this year is that it seems like that everything he shoots is a brick,” Sharpe sternly remarked.

Co-host Skip Bayless agreed with Sharpe’s takes in that the fact that Westbrook acknowledged the name-calling, the Lakers’ road games get more difficult because he has given fans ammo to throw him off his game.

The latest controversy to plague Westbrook and the Lakers started after the 2016-17 league MVP responded to the harassment that he and his family have received following the Lakers’ 117-110 loss to the San Antonio Spurs at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas.

Westbrook then proceeded to call out the fans for this and their condescending use of the “Westbrick” nickname when he takes the court.

In this regard, Westbrook was in the right for defending his family because death wishes simply have no place in society, but the name-calling can be debated either way.

The 33-year-old has not been playing up to the standards that was expected of him by fans across the league since the Lakers traded for him in the offseason.

Westbrook has been shooting at 47.4% from inside the arc this season, but the three-point and free throw percentages leave a lot to be desired as he only shoots at 28.2 and 66.5% respectively.

Sharpe later compared the name-calling that Lakers teammate LeBron James has been receiving throughout his career to that of Westbrook, saying that the slander that "King James" has gotten from the fans is on a whole other level.

“He’s [Russell Westbrook] played bad and the criticism that he’s receiving from opposing fanbases is warranted. That’s what happens when you’re a great player. Once you allow someone to let them know what makes you tick, now I can wind you and make you tick when I want you to. That’s what he’s allowed,” Sharpe added.

The Lakers are still in the midst of fighting for a spot in the play-in tournament, and Westbrook finding consistency will play a major role in how they finish the season.

View the whole segment from Sharpe and Bayless below.