• DeMar DeRozan will be an unrestricted free agent this summer
  • The San Antonio Spurs will play Brooklyn and New York in back-to-back games
  • DeRozan described playing in New York as "fun"

San Antonio Spurs star DeMar DeRozan has continuously been the subject of New York Knicks-centered stories, with multiple articles suggesting the Knicks can be his top landing spot in the summer.

DeRozan is in the last year of his five-year, $139,000,000 contract that he signed when he was still with the Toronto Raptors.

The four-time All-Star is set to become an unrestricted free agent in the offseason.

Following the Spurs' stunning 146-125 beating of the Milwaukee Bucks, the veteran was asked to describe playing in New York and going up against two Eastern Conference contenders.

The Spurs will face the Brooklyn Nets and Knicks in back-to-back road games on Wednesday and Thursday, and their main star offered his honest comments about the city.

"It's always fun to play in New York. It should be fun," DeRozan said of facing two equally-competitive teams.

"It's definitely [going to be] something different, other than you have your normal fans, but it is always great, always a different type of feeling to go to New York," he added, talking about the overall atmosphere of playing in New York, especially inside the Madison Square Garden.

A Compton, California native, the 31-year-old DeRozan was also linked to Los Angeles Lakers trade rumors last season to which he responded by putting it in perspective.

“For me, it’s just I’ve learned being in the league so long that you always want to be wanted. So when you see things about teams wanting you, you can’t feel a certain type of way. You’d better feel good about it because there’s some m----r------ that’s not wanted," DeRozan said, per The Ringer.

DeRozan grew up patterning his game after his idol, the late great Kobe Bryant, and went to college at USC.

Speculations are nothing new at this point for the 2016 Olympic gold medalist's career, but his primary focus for now is getting the Spurs back into the playoffs.

DeRozan is averaging 21.6 points (50% shooting), 5.3 rebounds, and 6.2 assists in three seasons with the Spurs, enjoying a lead role under head coach Gregg Popovich.

After the season's conclusion, only DeRozan can chart his next career move himself—whether he stays as an integral part of the Spurs or moves to another homecourt elsewhere.

DeMar DeRozan #10 of the San Antonio Spurs hugs Kyle Lowry #7 of the Toronto Raptors DeMar DeRozan #10 of the San Antonio Spurs hugs Kyle Lowry #7 of the Toronto Raptors Photo: Getty Images | Vaughn Ridley