• Devin Booker has always been an elite scorer in the league
  • Teaming up with Ricky Rubio has helped him take his game further
  • He shared with Steve Nash that he still wants to get better 

The Phoenix Suns now have a star player in Devin Booker as he’s risen to be one of the elite scorers in the NBA. Ever since entering the league, Booker has shown everyone a versatile package on the floor. He’s already made history with his 70-point game back in 2017. He continues to perform at a high rate this year as he emerged as a first time All-Star.

He recently sat down with Phoenix Suns legend Steve Nash to discuss the development he’s had in the league. Nash was a two-time MVP during his stint with the Suns and was the leader of the seven seconds or less offense that served as a bridge to the game’s faster pace today. As a fellow floor general, Nash asked Booker how it was like playing with a traditional point guard like Ricky Rubio in his team.

Booker shared that it has been pivotal in how he’s seen the game. He said that there are aspects that he sees better now with Rubio taking the helm as the main point guard. Rubio facilitating opens the door for Booker to be able to be himself as the scoring juggernaut that he can be.

“It’s tough being a point guard, you know how it is, you have to manage a lot out there, you know, so that takes away from just being able to go out there and just be a killer,” said Booker.

He continued by sharing how Rubio’s presence gives him the ability to make the most of his time on the court. “Ricky has allowed me to do that and people see the peak and efficiency and I think, you know, it’s him.”

When Nash asked Booker what the future holds for him, he says that he wants to succeed and get even better. The respect he garners from his fellow players is what motivates him to go further and take his game to the next level. “I haven’t been secretive saying it out loud. I want to be a winner.”