• Alex Caruso has been the energizer bunny for the LA Lakers
  • His minutes every game has become inconsistent, affecting his output
  • An article believes that he’ll be a better player as a starter for coach Frank Vogel

This is not a way to boost his chances of making it to the NBA All-Star Game, but Alex Caruso is really bringing it to the Los Angeles Lakers every time hs is on the floor.

A Fansided article was calling out the Lakers, urging them to give the highflying guard more minutes, or even play his as a starter – which will electrify the crowd once he started running down the lane in transition.

The 25-year old guard has only been playing 19.2 minutes a game and contributing 5.7 points, 2.0 rebounds, and 1.8 assists off the bench. What the product of Texas A&M brings while he’s on the floor is something that cannot be quantified in the stats sheet – energy, hustle, and defense.

There is a chance that Caruso can provide bigger numbers should coach Frank Vogel give him more minutes. A proof would be his career-high 32 points against co-tenants Los Angeles Clippers last season while adding 10 rebounds and five assists.

Comparing his performance with more seasoned guards Rajon Rondo and Avery Bradley, Caruso will be on his own element with both LeBron James and Anthony Davis on the floor. Caruso likes the up-tempo style of play and with Rondo bringing the ball down is making the offense a bit slower, it also affects the team’s production. Same goes with Avery Bradley who’s made a name for himself as a defensive lynchpin but doesn’t have the offense that the crowd favorite has in his arsenal.

In order to make this thing happen, Caruso needs to play at a consistent playing time, which he isn’t getting from the coaching staff. He had his longest playing time at 30 minutes in their win against the Minnesota Timberwolves but his minutes will suddenly drop the next games. In their game against the Boston Celtics, he only played 17 minutes and only got a point, an assist, and a block and the team suffered a 139-107.

Alex Caruso celebrates after hitting three-point shot CBS Sports