Brandon Knight will have an expiring contract after this coming NBA season but it remains to be seen if he will be sticking around in Ohio for long. The Cavs could consider handing him an extension but pundits believe Cleveland would be better off using him as a trade chip instead.

The Cavs are expected to be among the active teams this summer as they rebuild their franchise. Colin Sexton has risen to the occasion and Cleveland management is likely to pluck out players who can work well with the incoming sophomore point guard.

Right now, the Cavs do have Kevin Love, Jordan Clarkson, Larry Nance Jr. and Tristan Thompson on hand. On paper, that bunch seems formidable although adding another NBA star could boost their chances next NBA season.

The Cavs could do that by trading off some of their hardly used players. Knight, acquired in a three-team deal involving the Houston Rockets and the Sacramento Kings, had his moments on a Cleveland uniform. But as Forbes pointed out, there is a big question on his health. With the Rockets, the 27-year-old had his share of injuries and at one point missed 128 games.

When he joined the Cavs, Knight was likely not at 100-percent health. Yet he was able to do his share off the bench and played well as the team's secondary playmaker. Aside from that, Knight likely did his share of guiding Sexton in his rookie year together with Matthew Dellavedova.

Unless he shows something extravagant next NBA season, pundits feel that he may eventually be dealt somewhere else. It could be for a young player or perhaps some future draft picks, King James Gospel reported.

There are risks involved in dealing Knight to other teams, like perhaps a seldom-used player or a bad contract. It all depends on what team owner Dan Gilbert has up his sleeve.

But before all that, the Cavs need a new head coach first. Larry Drew and Cleveland parted amicably earlier this month. Among the candidates to fill in the position include Utah's Alex Jensen, Portland's David Vanterpool, and Nate Tibbetts. Wes Unseld Jr. of Denver has also been mentioned as a possible replacement, reported.

Whoever inherits the head coaching job is likely to make the necessary recommendations to Gilbert and Cavs management. Hence, the fate of Knight and other Cleveland players may rest on that executive decision.