LeBron James Los Angeles Lakers
LeBron James #23 of the Los Angeles Lakers talks with a teammate during a game against the Chicago Bulls at the United Center on March 12, 2019 in Chicago, Illinois. Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

LeBron James is associated with many names both on and off the court. A large chunk of that includes his former teammates when he was still with the Cleveland Cavaliers such as Damon Jones.

Jones was one of James’ teammates when the Cavs won the NBA title back in 2016. The former CBA scoring champion (1999) was part of Tyronn Lue’s coaching staff during the 2016 NBA season. He was eventually dismissed when James left Cleveland to join the Los Angeles Lakers, Cavaliers Nation reported.

Having played and coached James, there is no denying that Jones knows the three-time NBA champion well. And like many pundits, there are those who believe that whoever the Lakers assign as their next head coach, it will be someone that holds close ties to the 34-year-old cager.

As of this writing, there are three names at the top of the list. Lue, Juwan Howard and Monty Williams have been mentioned, with the first two seen as heavy favorites to get the head coaching job.

Lue has held close ties with James, although there are some who have reservations on his style. On paper, Williams appears to have the best credentials, but the missing LeBron James factor may come into play.

Jones is aware of how the James influence will come in. Lue is undoubtedly a favorite. Aside from that, the 41-year-old mentor also suited up for the Lakers from 1998-2001. But is he the best coach to handle the purple and gold?

This is the raging debate for now. Jones jokingly referred to James as a coach killer, but it remains that the future NBA great can play better with someone he is comfortable with, as discussed on ESPN's "Get Up."

During the segment, it seemed like Jones was also sounding off to possibly join the Lakers as an assistant coach. Should Lue end up getting the job, there is a high possibility that he may be included in the mix.

If Lue is not the next head coach, Jones could still make it with James' intervention. The point here is that despite many claiming that James does not call the shots, Lakers management wants to make sure he is surrounded by people he trusts and works well with.

The Lakers are in a precarious situation as they try to appease James and come up with an optimal team. In the eyes of some, Luke Walton was unfairly dismissed, although it did not take long for the Sacramento Kings to take him in.

If the Kings hum and the Lakers falter, one guy likely to take the hit is general manager Rob Pelinka. Hence, getting the right coach for next season is his and the Lakers prime prerogative.