The thing that is hindering Camelo Anthony from playing in the NBA again could be beyond anybody’s control.

As soon as August approached, Anthony made a surprise appearance on ESPN to finally defend himself from all the rumors spreading about him. However, despite stating that he can still play and has been reaching out to NBA teams, for some unknown reason, the 10-time NBA All Star still hasn’t landed a spot in the league.

Following Anthony’s NBA chase, former NBA players and Anthony’s friends started to think that it’s not Anthony who is hindering himself from playing for thr league again. Some of them believe that the NBA itself is preventing Anthony from coming to an agreement with NBA teams.

Just recently, former NBA player Royce White had come up with the idea that the Anthony is being “blackballed” by the NBA. In simpler terms, the league could be, in some way, stopping Anthony from closing a deal with any NBA team.

While it is hard to believe White’s statement, another former NBA player also thinks the same. Last year, NBA veteran Stephen Jackson already assumed that the main reason why players like him, Allen Iverson and now Anthony are being “blackballed” by the NBA.

According to Jackson, it is a bit shady for the NBA to support the idea that Anthony is done with the league after what happened with him and the Rockets. Jackson believes that it is too early to assume that Anthony can no longer compete on an NBA level, especially when the season has just started, USA Today reported.

“Let me say this. Me, A.I., and a couple other players. They (NBA) trying to blackball Melo. Why? The season just starting, why they coming up and saying ‘your time with the team is almost up,’ and the season’s just starting? You see what I’m saying? They trying to blackball Melo and push him out of the league and make sure it looks like he can’t play no more, or make sure it looks like every team he goes to he’s a problem or he’s a cancer on the team in the locker room. Which is so far from being true,” Jackson pointed out.

However, another former NBA player thinks that Anthony is not ready to give up his stardom in order to close a deal with a current NBA team.

Former Wizards star Gilbert Arenas shared his thoughts in a recent interview. And based on Arenas’ standpoint, Anthony is best suited for the bench, but it seems like he is not willing to give in to this idea.

“Melo plays if Melo wants to play. At 35, he has a bunch left in the tank, but is he willing to sacrifice what he perceives he still has versus what teams need. They might need a guy to come in and play spot minutes, and he is still a guy that thinks he is a star,” Arenas said.

Carmelo Anthony Eric Gordon
Carmelo Anthony and Eric Gordon, pictured at the Toyota Center on Oct. 4, 2016 in Houston, could potentially be involved in a trade between the New York Knicks and Houston Rockets. Getty Images